Monday, March 2, 2009

Coughs and Colds

This is how we spent most of the weekend.
Grayson had a cold. And a fever.

He woke up feeling much better this morning. But then he coughed. It was not as often but it seemed worse, wetter, deeper. I have worked with children long enough to know when a cough and cold is headed into the lungs and into pneumonia.

Off to the doctor we went, even though our doctor was on vacation (this is the first time G has seen anyone but Dr. Blair) The doctor we saw, Dr. Hamill, was great as well. He listened to G's chest and lungs and recommended we go down to Xray to see for sure what was going on.

This is the handy contraption they put small children in who can not hold still, feet in first and they sit on that little bicycle seat then I got to hold his arms over his head while they folded the clear holders arounds his rib cage. It took only a few minutes but he was very grumpy about it.

Its a good thing I promised he would get yummy treats when we were finished if he cooperated. The instant I said we were done and he was about to get out, he stopped crying, looked at me very seriously and said "Treats?"

When we went back up to Dr. Hamill's office, he looked at the films and said "Well, I am actually very surprised to see this much (showing me), it is pneumonia. And its more than I thought it would be." SCORE... Mommy medicine wins again! He gave us an Rx for antibiotics and off we went. Now we just hope they work since there is no way to know if its bacterial or viral.

Oh by the way: Grayson got chocolate chips in the car. :)
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rae ann said...

oh gads. we had a run in with a pigg-o-stat when lulu was littleand it was a disaster! i'm so sorry you guys had to go through that! i hope G feels better soon.

1snappyfamily said...

Oh, poor sweetie! Hope he gets better soon!

Amy H said...

Poor little guy! It's a good thing you took him in!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear Grayson is sick. It's so hard on them and everyone around them.

Aunt Janna

eireann said...

that contraption kind of resembles a medieval torture device. i don't know that i would enjoy sitting in it.

poor g, i hope he gets better quick. and hooray for mommy medicine!!