Saturday, March 28, 2009

Blanket Thief!

This is Blankie. I have had Blankie since I was born. Yes, you read that right. My Nana (dad's mom) made it for me when I was born.
Here is a close up. It's bunnies.
I have slept with a blanket for as long as I can remember. And I have NO embarrassment about it what so ever. Some think I should though. When I was tiny it was a cute little blanket that was a soft orange and had a silky edge and had a silky bunny in the middle. It was a very light knit and I would suck my thumb and stick it through the weave. That blankie lasted until I was about 5, until the holes got so big my Mom finally stole it from me one day. She replaced it with the mate that came with it, sans bunny and it was NOT the same (don't ever do this to your children! ITS RUDE!) I hated that blankie and barely handled it, snuggling it only in an emergency.

I later found the lavender flower one I eventually framed as a wedding gift to Zack. My aunt Janna made that one, again at birth. I loved it for 15 years or so, until it too became worn and ragged.

I tried to give up all Blankies when I got married, like I said framing it. I put a little card in there that said "I never thought anyone could ever replace Blankie until I met you"

Then I didn't sleep for 3 weeks.

One night as I lay awake talking to my attempting to sleep new husband, he rolled over and said "GO GET YOUR BLANKET". That was all I needed. I have slept with it since, every night. Though again, this is a different one than the lavender flower one. That was almost 8 years ago. That one is still in the frame.

When Grayson was born I vowed to "help" him find a lovey. I made him big blankets and little blankets and lovey's. He quickly fell for the frog blanket I made that has minkee on the back.
Then one day recently his love became an obsession and he started trying to lug ALL of his blankets around. He will cry at the top/bottom of the stairs when he wants to get them up/down because he can't see over them to walk himself. He needs to be carried- with his blankets.

One day, I don't know exactly when it happened, he asked for my blanket. And I gave it to him.


I have not seen it sense except in passing. :(

I even tried to steal it back the second night he took it, and he woke up frantic screaming "Mommies Blanket?! Mommies Blanket?!?!"

So it's on to the next one. One of my best friend's Alex, got really sick with cancer in college and was too sick to leave home much of the time. So we would lay in his bed and talk for hours. I would often steal his blankie, that his grandmother had made him at birth. When all was said and done, he had her make one for me. Now I sleep with it. :)

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