Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Baby oh baby 2 of 2

Well I survived. But barely.

Maybe we are more sensitive this time around but when the tech spends AN HOUR checking the baby and continually returns to the heart to take more measurements and when asked if everything is okay she brushes you off, we tend to freak out a bit.

We still don't know if anything is wrong with babe's heart, but I left a note with my midwife to call me as soon as she learns anything.

The other thing that kept us there an hour is this sweet little still genderless baby. It refused to uncross its legs which were so tucked under its buns we couldn't see a thing! For a while we thought maybe girl, then it uncrossed and it might have looked like a boy but then the legs went right back! With both Grayson and Jonathan it was an immediate ITS A BOY, at 17 weeks. Maybe that means its a girl. *sigh* So until further notice this baby is still unknown. :(

And darn if the big sale at Gymboree doesn't start tomorrow. I already put a cute little clearance sweater on hold too. Now to buy or not to buy?

Here is the bean, you can clearly see the spine and round (yay!) head .
And on the right, the bent/crossed legs.

And a foot, or two, I am not sure. It might be both when they were crossed together.
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Geneva said...

I believe this calls for FOOOOOUUUUUR DEEEEEEEEE!!! Or, you could wait. But that's no fun. At all.

Amy H said...

Hi Jaimey,
Glad to hear that so far things are looking great. Don't worry, all my normal ultrasounds have been an hour in length. Will you be having more scheduled ultrasounds? I hope you get to find out what you are having!