Saturday, August 1, 2009

Whats in a show?

A whole lot it seems. I have been working at T for about 3 months and have been wearing my new balance athletic shoes. All has been fine. The first day or two I was a little sore for um being out of shape and just general working hard, but today.

ah today. I worked my normal shift in the WAY TO EARLY FOR HUMANS TO BE MOVING hours and then was scheduled to take a shift for someone coming back at 4pm. I was asked at the last minute to switch that and stay until 2 on the register.

About 12 I realized I had stretched my back about 10 times and could not seem to get comfortable. Standing. Those don't seem to fit in the same sentence... I stand on a mat but its not at all helping. At 145, I left my register and hobbled up the stairs to clock out wondering if I wasn't better off doing flow and truck unload. At least there I know what my pain is from, but since I have turned in my water bottle note which states I have a 20lb weight lifting limit (um my kid is 30...) there is no going back.

So off to find new shoes. I would prefer not to spend $100 (since I don't have an extra $100) but want something that I can be in for 8+ hours straight and not feel my whole body groan when I move. I know I am pregnant so that is a tall order but if you have a recommendation please fess up now!



Geneva said...

Have you tried putting some really nice insoles in your current shoes? Less expensive than buying a new pair, and, even if you end up buying new shoes, you can still use the insoles.

eireann said...

i'd try insoles also. my only beef with them is that then your shoes fit tighter, and i have wide feet so shoes can be tight on me to begin with.

i got a pair of basic dansko clogs (the kind with the back on them so i guess not true clogs) when i was worked grocery. i loved them. they were so comfy, even after spending 8 hours a day on my feet in the checkstand. granted, they were $100 at nordstrom, but that was about 3 years into the job, and i had tried 40 billion different kinds of shoes. best $100 i have ever spent on shoes (and i generally buy payless shoes).

Lizzieborden said...

Try Clarks. They are really comfortable and you can get a pair for about 45 to 50.00.