Friday, August 21, 2009

The Melting Pot

If you have never tried The Melting Pot, I highly recommend going. We went to the Portland location for our 8 year anniversary. I love that its a longer meal with more interaction. They put a pot of cheese (ours was fontina, Gruyere and Gran queso) on your table on the burner to start you off. This you eat with a few kinds of bread, tart apples and raw veggies.

Next you have a salad.

Then for dinner they bring out your choice of bouillons to cook your meats and veggies in. We got the lobster dinner because well Zack's grandpa sent us money as an anniversary gift and we love lobster. Thank you Grandpa Merchant!

For dessert they deliver another pot of whatever kind of chocolate you chose. We chose the flaming turtle. Anything with flame in the name has to be good and this didn't disappoint! They mix the chocolate and all its ingredients in the pot and then light it on fire. Yum. Its served with cheesecake, marshmellows, rice crispy treats, bananas and strawberries.

This was our second time coming here and I love it just as much! I think I need to organize a girls night of just cheese and chocolate... whose in?
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Heidi said...

MEEEE!! Damn! I don't live there anymore. :(

Jessika said...

Out of curiosity, how pricey was it? We've always wanted to go there, but their website has no online menus or prices.

Jaimey said...

Heidi- see I told you not to move! :)
Jessika- They have an online menu and pricing if you click on the location (put in your zip and our pops up) it has PDF's for menus and its lists. But ours was the most $$ (I think?) package at $102 for the two lobsters etc. Ala carte is more $$ but the packages are not too horrible.

Jessika said...

Oh excellent. Thanks!