Sunday, August 30, 2009

What a pain!

For the last hour I have been searching for a new background. I have been tired of the red for a while but was not eager to go through the hassle I knew it to be to change it. If you use blogger you may have experienced this. I had installed a ton of widgets (all those little photo slideshows on the side and the ad scroller) and because the red background was coded IN them it took it all with them when I tried to change it. EVERY. TIME. grrrr.

So this morning after 11 hours of blissful sleep (thank you hubby!) I was feeling brave. I headed to pyzam where I got the red background and started looking. I wasn't finding anything that I loved. Then I went to my SIL's blog who uses a different host for her backgrounds, the cutest blog on the block. SO MUCH EASIER!!! The way they have you install it is as a widget and it basically covers your old one, instead of taking out your old one!

If you have been on here and hour you may have seen my errors as they changed or went blank. But I think it is finally fixed and back to normal with everything intact! No more pyzam for me! Let me know what you think of the new background.


Debs said...

I like it. That's the same place I get mine from too since it's such a hassle to always have to replace everything every time. This makes it sooo much easier! I'm glad you found it!

Lindsey J said...

I love the new design!

Kara said...

I love your new background!