Friday, August 14, 2009

Thanks Kelli!

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Last year I made a dinosaur sweater for Grayson using an upcycled wool sweater and wool roving. I showed my friend Kelli who had seen the same Martha Stewart show I had but hadn't made any yet. She set right to work making sweater after sweater for her 3 yr old daughter Molly.

Lucky for us she got this one done and it just "didn't feel like a Molly sweater". Now it's Graysons! Isn't it cute?! I love the tail.

Kelli is so creative and has such great follow through! ( and her house is spotless! Yes I want to be her :)

Thanks again Kelli!


Kelli said...

You're SO funny! I loved the sweater on G, it was perfect for him and I'm glad someones getting to use it. As for the spotless house I'm just anal I guess with a little OCD :o)

Jessica said...

Cute sweater, and even cuter boy!