Thursday, August 20, 2009

Peaches galore!

So it turns out when I published my Pasta sauce and Peaches blog tonight I referenced canning peaches before, but I had gotten ahead of myself a bit. Sorry.

On Tuesday my friend Jenny and I went to Jossy's Peach farm and picked peaches. 70 lbs of peaches! $60 later... I went home and started processing my peaches. My first time. I am cold packing them in a light syrup which is what my friend Di does and they are SO good!

I must be slow or a newbie though cause in 2-3 hours I only got 8 jars done. :( They look so good! I am very excited to do the other 55 lbs! :)

Now, please return to your regularly scheduled blog posts. hehe
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Lizzieborden said...

they look beautiful. I used to can with Gram Amy. We had fun doing it. She taught me alot.

Carroll Conversations said...

Oh boy, those look great. I've promised myself I would 'finally' bottle some peaches this year. I have it on the calendar to go to Jossy's next week. I've heard the peaches are great there and now seeing your end product I believe it. What kind of peach did you do? I hope I'm up for this task with all that's happening in our life right now. Although, my son would be able to gum nice bottled peaches pretty good given his current condition.

Anonymous said...
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