Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Big Truck Day

Two weeks ago Beaverton OR had Big Truck Day at one of the rec centers. It was really cool. At our house big trucks and tractors are a hot ticket since my dad has always been a heavy equipment mechanic and sends Grayson cool tractors for his collection.

Here is Grayson and daddy under a truck with its snow plow attachment.

Mommy couldn't help but see this heavy thing fall on them in her minds eye (morbid I know) as there were children in the cab pulling on every lever available... yikes. But luckily they escaped unscathed. :)
We went with our friends Jon, Jeremiah and their mommies too.

Grayson showing Grampa (his words) how big he is. He says he wants to drive one when he visits you dad.

G "driving" a Deere.

Playing at the back of the 'Cool bus. I think this was his favorite.
I love summer.
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Heidi said...

We love Big Truck Day! Sadly we missed it this year! Funny about the snow plow...we have a similar pic of Tyler when he was 3.