Monday, February 2, 2009

Yet another reason NOT to send your hubby to the store!

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Amy H said...

What happened and how did he get it home??

Geneva said...

What the....? When the...?

Janet Phillips said...


eireann said...

OMG!! i think some explanation is needed for these photos. ohh your poor car.

Sales Manager - Sales Executive said...

OK here is the exp.

After our "Winter Storm" and driving down to Southern Oregon a few times over the pass without incident, I decided to hit the curb at the entry to our development.

I was not driving very fast, and I turned into the development. It turns out that the roads got real slick for about 30 minutes and once I hit the cobblestone the Van slid into the curb.

I did not think that I had hit the curb very hard but then the Van would not go.

i could not believe it when I got out of the Van.