Monday, February 16, 2009

Grayson went to Daycare!

This is Grayson, at Daycare! I went to work today, a job through the temp nanny agency and I am not able to bring Grayson with me to those jobs. So he went to daycare.

This is Tricia, my friend and his daycare provider for the day and who knows how many in the future. She is great and is great with the kiddos.
And she lives two doors away.

I did okay, I left him with Zack and Zack took him to Tricia's house a little while later. He did fine, going right to Tricia with open arms. That makes me happy. I *know*, having been a nanny for so long that its normal to have the child cry when the parents leave. Ollie still does, but only for a minute. With ME! So it made me very happy to hear that G went right to her and waved bye bye to Zack.

Grayson eating snack with Harley and Abby, I still can't tell these two apart, though I know the differences, I can't remember which one belongs to which difference!

Tricia took the kiddos to the park and Grayson decided he didn't want to let go of the balls to slide so he took them with him!

So at the end of the day, we both lived through his first day of daycare. Though I must admit, its like a cheating game of daycare since I know Tricia and she is a friend. I prefer to have him with me though, my little shadow, my little buddy.

Side Note: Zack's first day of work went very well. He really likes the people and the environment and the pace. They are very family oriented people and value his time and abilities. I think this was the perfect fit and a job worth waiting for. We are very thankful that things seem to be getting back on track!

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Marlyn said...

Good luck to all of you with your new adventures!