Thursday, February 12, 2009

Final Cake for Wilton Decorating 1

So I finished my class, and by finished I mean its over, not so much that I perfected it. And I am sure to the unknowing eye these cake photos look great but they are not. I am not trying to fish for compliments, I am just not happy about how well I did. I feel like I need about 30 more hours to practice and yet there aren't enough hours in the day.

Sure it will pass for done, and even okay but I want it to be Good. No, Great.

I also missed one class, turns out one of the most important ones, so I make that up on the 19th. Hopefully I learn that damn rose, the throne in the side of my current decorating challenges.

Stay tuned for hopefully a Wilton Perfect Rose. Someday.

grumble grumble, I like the frog so much better...
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1snappyfamily said...

Hey, that's awesome! I've wanted to take a cake decorating class for SO long (what mom doesn't need THAT skill!) I had no idea you could learn so much in one class...I'm going to have to check into that. It looks great to me! Absolutely beautiful!

eireann said...

not trying to massage your ego but i think your cake looks gorgeous, including the roses. i attempted cupcake decorating - very simple cupcake decorating - with those squirty can frosting things with the attachable tips? they look like squeeze cheese or reddi-whip but they're really frosting? i even took some pictures, but then i immediately deleted them because i was so embarrassed. they looked so awful. worse than these.

your cake does not look awful, not by a long shot.