Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Monkey Boy

Grayson and I went to a baby resale shop the other to look for some shoes for him since he is almost out of his current size.

We didn't find any shoes but he found these fun monkey slippers and when we went to pay we found out that they came with the big oooh oooh in his arms. Both the slippers and the oooh oooh have hearts on them. Its really very sweet how much he loves his oooh ooohs. And everytime he sees a monkey I think a little part of him thinks of his brother.

He asks about his oooh oooh and Jon Jon almost every day.

Yes, that is my son, in a pink diaper. Its Grayson's favorite! :)
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1snappyfamily said...

That's adorable!

He totally has your smile in that last picture!

Marlyn said...

He and the ooh oohs are too too cute!

Amy H said...

SO darling!
Jaimey, I know everyone says that Grayson looks like his daddy, but after looking at these pictures, I am even MORE convinced he takes after his mama!