Monday, February 23, 2009

Betty Lou's got a new Attitude!

Ya, I know the song is really shoes but that would make no sense at all now would it.

I FINALLY got my hair cut this weekend. We have been so tight on money I have not wanted to spend what we did have on that. So I let it grow and grow and finally it was affecting my personality. Yes, I am one of those who is dictated by her hair. I rarely notice it at the time but once it is cut and cute again I am a new person with a renewed sense of self and attitude (Just what I need right DAD!?)

I am not sure I LOVE it yet, its a little helmet-y to me, but its growing on me. Maybe once I figure out how to do it myself. Right now its still Michelle done...well in these pics anyway. I have washed since Saturday! I did it myself today and its a little Big but I am sure it will calm down soon.

Oh and I tamed the caterpillers that live above my eyes as well. Ya Michelle, she is my hair goddess! :)

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eireann said...

i love your haircut, it is so cute. and so is that bottom photo!

i have been doing the same thing, letting my hair grow to save money on haircuts. brian loves it but i hate it, so it is very much a love/hate relationship i am having with my head right now. love saving money and not going to the hairdresser, hate dealing with longer hair.

Sharon said...

Looks great on you!