Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My obsession with Icecycles

When I was a little kid and my parents got divorced, my Mom, brother and I moved to Oregon to live with my grandparents. My uncle Johnny drove us up and it was the first time I had driven to Oregon in January. I remember opening the car door and thinking "I am SO not dressed for this!" I was wearing shorts and a t shirt, having come from San Diego to Central Oregon. There was 4 feet of snow on the ground!

But the drive there around Diamond Lake was one of the most beautiful memories I have and I remember the ice cycles most vividly. They were along the ridge above the car on the windiest of roads and gorgeous and glisteny! I have always had a fascination since then about them.

Having come from SD I was not used to seeing snow, it was still this mystical amazing thing that happens in "Oregon". I was always sort of jealous of my cousins who lived in Oregon for having the family and the snow all to themselves.

So these last trips, knowing they would be our last, to Gram's I have been taking many ice cycle pics out the window of the car. Many were blurry, but a few turned out lovely. Here they are.

Gorgeous snow covered trees!

Ice on the trees.

The ice cycles hanging from the ceiling of the tunnel!

Crescent Lake Resort and the giagantic ice cycles- my favorite!

When I was living at Gram's house, we used to get these HUGE ice cycles that would hang off the roof. They were about as big around as my 12 year old waist (tiny- at the time I admit!). I loved to look at them and watch them drip and get longer as they would again refreeze. This time around they had already been knocked down to prevent any one from getting hurt by them falling off.

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Jaimey said...

So does anyone know if its Ice cYcles or cIcles? I feel slightly dumb on that one but the spell check didn't flag it...