Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mommy of the Year!

I am sure I have had a few of these awards this year but this one might take the cake.

Two days ago Grayson was playing on his high chair, something I tell him daily to *please* not do, and this happened.

He started crying for me to "elp, Mama."
So I asked him if I should help him, or take his picture.
He replied by starting to cry, he must know me or something...
Finally letting out a few more "elp Mama's" and even a few please's just for good measure.

I took his picture anyway.

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Marlyn said...

LOL When my girls get themselves into snarls and beg for help out I say, "Have you ever seen a dead cat in a tree???? You got yourself in, get yourself out!" I'm definitely not up for "mama of the year"!

I, of course, jest some -- you know I wouldn't leave them in any danger! But I do always say that before helping them!

1snappyfamily said...

You know.....I love this post! For one, I can totally hear little G calling for "elp"....and it just warms my little heart. Secondly, I can totally see/hear you asking him if you should help him or go get the camera. It just cracked me up....and made me really miss you guys!

Love you!

Amy H said...

Ha! JUST like Matthew! =)