Wednesday, February 25, 2009

don't get in the way of a boy and his felt board

I bought Grayson the felt board at a garage sale a few years ago (did I even have a kid yet?)
and it had only a few Thomas the Train pieces. Then we were given the castle on. He has largely ignored them until this last week. All of a sudden its all he wants to play with. So Sunday I went to Joann's and bought some felt ($5.50) and then went to another craft store (Craft warehouse) because they have a die cutter in their scrapbook department. I spent and hour ($3 for 15 minutes) cutting out shapes for G to play with.

He loves it even more now! He will sit for 30 minutes talking to his little pieces and setting up bunny stories.

They did not have a die for people so we have none, I guess I will have to buy those and the clothes. Instead I made a bunny family. :)

Even better, once I was done cutting (and cutting and cutting!) the department manager, who I know from when I used to spend way too much time (and money) there pre-children, said she wasn't going to charge me for using the die cutter.

She just thought it was SO cool that I was making him a new toy!

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Amy H said...

Very creative, Jaimey! I think it's funny how kids will be completely non-interested in something and then six months later, it's the only thing they want. =)

Geneva said...

I've got to see this thing! What's it mounted on? That's so cool!