Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happy Birthday!

My friend Di turned 29-again on Friday. :) I had her and her hubby and little boy over for dinner tonight.

I also made her a lovely cake. I have wanted to try and Wonky cake for ages now. So Geneva came over on Thursday and helped me with the fondant. This is her mizing it up. This is almost as bad as my hands were the first time I made it. eeew! Makes me cringe a little just to look at that picture!

But this is how it all turned out. 10!!! hours later! I basically ignored my child all day
(his father was home).

It was white cake on the second tier and bottom and confetti on the top and third tier. In the confetti was chocolate ganache, butter cream in the white cake layers.

It was good!

Happy Birthday Diana!
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Karen said...

That cake turned out great. Impressive stuff!

Janna said...

Looks really tasty! I did notice that the layers seem to be leaning...LOL

Anonymous said...

It was tasty too!


Lindsey J said...

What an amazing job!

Have you considered going professional or would that just take out all of the fun?

eireann said...

pretty! i may have to fly you down to give me lessons :)