Thursday, April 30, 2009

Clear is taking over the world

Yesterday when I was driving to Joann's I was behind this.
It's a CLEAR advertising truck. It has a dining room and living room set up behind those clear Plexiglas walls. Complete with lights. So I am thinking that its pretty cool, they are saying 'See how clearly it works? CLEAR IN YOUR HOME.' Yay me, I get it! :)

Until I turn the next corner and I see this. See the circle I put in... that is a MAN (well his head in the circle!) and he on a laptop! He totally wobbled and almost fell off the couch when they turned this corner!

OMG! Now I am a bit disgusted and I have no idea why.
Does anyone else feel like Clear and Cricket are taking over the world?

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Pacific Personal Training said...

A REAL man?!

Jaimey said...

a REAL man! Like as real as they get! It was NUTS.