Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Cake Pops!

I recently became addicted to Bakerella. She
does amazing things with cake and goodies. And she is where I got the idea for cake pops. Well, to be exact I got the idea from Geneva who got it from Bakerella. (this is the pic of Bakerella's cake pops) They are a lot of work but VERY yummy. I really wish you all lived closer, so I could give you some... crunch. crunch. except that they are gone. :)

An army of chicks!

I have more pics but I am having technical difficulties... please talk amongst yourselves. Or tune in later.
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1snappyfamily said...

OK, thank you very much....I am now officially addicted to this Bakerella's site. Wow...she's amazing! I just want to go strap my apron on right now!! ;-) Your cake pops are beautiful!

eireann said...

your cake pops look great! i think i am also now addicted to bakerella. thanks a lot.