Friday, April 24, 2009

San Diego - LONG post

Last week we piled all of our stuff into our mini- van and headed the 16+ hours south to San Diego. Yes, I know. We are Nuts! We left right before bed time hoping that it would be easier for G and whoever wasn't driving (me) to sleep. It was a little rough with Grayson waking up every 2 hours to fuss and cry. He wanted "OUT mama" Or "hold you" was another favorite, which was followed by "hold hands!" when I said I couldn't hold him. He would go back to sleep only to wake up again a few hours later. It made for a very exhausting night for all of us. But we made it.

We went to Zack's sister Melissa's house first so Grayson could get some wiggles out with Allie!

They had a great time playing together. They have the best relationship. Its quite amazing to watch them together.

After Melissa's house we headed to my Dad's house where we were staying. We spent the rest of the evening hanging out with my dad and Sharon (his GF) having dinner and chatting.

Friday we hung around the house most of the day because Grayson woke up with a 100* fever.
It eventually went up to 103.5 and then broke. (It came and went for a few days with no other symptoms.) Then in the evening we met up with my first boyfriend Tom, his girlfriend and her kids and his mom and step dad. I have stayed in contact with his mom for most of the time since we broke up when I was 16. It was great to see him, since its been such a long time. Though it made me feel really old. :)
here is us back in the day and us now.

Saturday we went to Poway Lake for an early morning torture hike. It was lovely but got very hot! Zack and I both decided as lovely as SD is, we DO NOT miss the heat!

After our hike we went to one of my "new" favorites le Peep in Poway for breakfast. Yum. If you have not been there you really should check it out if you are in the area. The eggs Benedict is fabulous!

Sunday we to the Avocado Festival in Fallbrook in the morning before we went over to our family friends the Bergener's house for Easter dinner "observed". Its always fun to be around them. They love life and being around the babies. We had an Easter basket hunt with everyone there getting a rather large basket of goodies. It was very fun. It makes me sad that I am not closer. I have such great memories of being with them in high school.

I met their son Alex in Health class our junior year of HS. We became fast friends and were inseperable for years through all the drama of my boyfriends and his cancer. He is the reason Zack and I ended up together. He was the best man in our wedding. We love him. And his family too. It was very sad that he was not at our Easter celebration. We talked on the phone but we missed having him at the table with us. Anyway, I used my dinosaur film camera for those pics and they need to be processed.

Monday we went with my Dad to the San Diego Wild Animal Park.
Grayson had so much fun seeing all the animals.

I loved the butterfly jungle.
My only sadness was that the monorail is GONE from the WAP. What kinda $h!t is that?! I demand they replace it! (I'll keep you posted on how that works out for me)

Tuesday we had a lovely beach day at my favorite beach- Del Mar. We parked at 20th st. It was a perfect temp with a cool breeze. The best beach day I can remember. That is what I miss from SD, beyond the people, I miss the beach. The beach makes me feel whole. Makes my hearts wounds heal. Makes me see light where its dark, and breathe when I gasp.
It was a great day until I realized I had lost my 3/4 carat diamond earring somewhere on the beach. We went back later to see if we could find it {ya right!} We also got a parking ticket! Oooi. Oh well.

Wednesday we packed and said our goodbyes. We had a lovely dinner with Zack's mom and sister and her family. It was sad to leave but I am happy to be home. I missed my bed.

And now that I feel like I just wrote a "My Summer Vacation by Jaimey" for 6th grade I will stop.

The End.


eireann said...


that sucks about your earring! it sounds like you had a great vacation though!

Trish said...

Hey girl, looks like you had a great time I'm so glad. I really love how you grouped all your pictures together. How cool, maybe one dday I will figure out how you did that. Well as always I will keep reading. Auntie Trish

Janet said...

What sweet memories and more to make! There is a monorail, but not around the whole park and now it costs extra. Darn! So happy you had a great time at 'home'! Hope to see you again when I get up your way to visit my brother.
Love, Janet

Heidi said...

As a former 6th grade teacher, I'd give you an A on your essay. Well done Jaimey! :)

Amy H said...

Looks like you had a great vacation. I remember going to Wild Animal Park as a little girl. Cool place!