Monday, April 13, 2009

San Diego visit

My dad called us yesterday and offered to bring us down for a visit since we are both unemployed. Um YES! So we are leaving for San Diego on Wednesday! Yay! If you are in the area and want to get together, call me! If you don't have my number email me. :) (Not gonna post it, all the crazies will call... LOL)

On another note: I got a job at Target that was supposed to have Orientation tomorrow, but it was rescheduled and now I am rescheduling it again. It is only part time, unloading the trucks and stocking early in the mornings, but its something. I also have a second interview with a great daycare that I am really excited about, fingers crossed. I will know more about that later in the month.

Zack has a few hopeful prospects but nothing solid. So for now we are headed out for a lovely vaca, to hopefully forget that our reality is pretty crappy right now.


Anonymous said...


I hope you all have a good time, Lord knows you all deserve to have fun for awhile. I notice your blog only shows one posting what is up with that? What if I accidently miss one, man that isn't right. Well who knows if I am doing right by this blog thing but I am trying. I have a follower and I don't know who it is, kind of scary. How do you see that part where it shows you what state people are in that looked at your site? Love ya, Auntid

Liz said...

Have a great trip to San Diego!

Just wanted to say hiya from the east coast.

My name is Liz (aka Whuffle on Livejournal) and I've been checking up on your journal periodically for almost a year now . I found your journal because we're both on the yahoo group *This End Up*. I make cloth diapers, use them for my son, and my husband and I share your serious love for gDiapers. I'm a somewhat sporadic glassblower in my spare time, as well as fostering rabbits for a local rescue organization ( A former professional theater lighting designer by trade, now I hold down a job as a scheduling coordinator for audio visual services at an ivy league university. I'm also developing a resource blog for working moms at As I said, it's a work in progress.

Anyways, just wanted to say hi and give a friendly and encouraging cheer to you and yours. Sorry for being a silent reader up till now. I tend to be shy about introducing myself to people online...