Sunday, April 26, 2009

Grayson and his Papa

When I was a kid my dad and I had a decent relationship. I wanted to be close but many things led to that not being the case.
As I got older things got more strained. After I got married we didn't speak for over 3 years. I was just done. One day I realized that life was short and if I didn't reach out we would probably never talk again. Ever. He is just not the kind of guy to put his heart out there first.

I am really glad that I called. We have been closer since I called that day than we have ever been in my life. He has been honest and real with me when I needed him to be and he has put himself out there in ways I never thought he would.

Now as I watch him with my son I am so thankful that I picked up the phone. He is so loving with Grayson and just enjoys playing with him. Last week when we were in San Diego visiting, I wish I had a picture, my dad got down on the floor! and played with G and his trail set. So cute.

That's the two of them hamming it up. Grayson loves his Papa. Now if I could just entice Papa to move a little closer...
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Trish said...

I'm so glad that you were able to be the bigger person it's always hard regardless to let people in your lives that has hurt you in one way or another but in the end it's always the best thing to do. Good for you. Now G gets to know his papa and you get to see a side of your dad maybe you didn't see before. I'm very happy for you because life is way to short and family is everything.

eireann said...

my mom and i were in a bad place for a long time when i was in college. brian was the one who encouraged me to reach out to her and i am so thankful i did. our relationship now is so much better than i could ever imagine, and i'm so glad she's going to be there for our kiddo too. good for you to reach out to your dad!