Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Morning!

Today was really special for us as a family. This was the first Easter that Grayson would be able to really participate in the fun. Not having a lot of money did not slow us in any way. We The Easter Bunny loaded his basket with all kinds of Dollar Tree goodies and some goodies I had picked up at toys r us online with leftover birthday money. (Thanks Grandma Linda B!)

We had also hidden eggs all over the first floor for G to find. I had put one on each of the steps from the landing down so he saw them as we went to get him excited. He needed little prompting from there and took off with his little basket to collect his loot! Which he proceeded to eat. a lot.

Then as he made his way to the Living room he bumped into these...

The Easter Bunny is a very messy bunny indeed! He left quite a few footprints on our floor. I was sure he would be a tidy bunny and wipe his feet but boy was I wrong!

At first Grayson was pretty unsure of these big prints we said were the bunnies, then as he found more eggs he would get egg-cited (LOL) and say "silly messy bunny, silly bunny dirty feet!" It was really cute. Ultimately, it ended up being a mess of powder and little baby prints but I didn't get a picture before Zack vacuumed it all up. :(

After Grayson devoured a bunch of candy for breakfast we headed to Vancouver WA for brunch at my Bonnie's parents house. (Thanks Bonnie- I stole this pic from her facebook page!)
In the early afternoon we came home and took a nap- a 3 hour nap! It was divine!
We hope you all had as great of an Easter as we did!

love~ The Buquets

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Carroll Conversations said...

So cute to see G's excitement on Easter. The bunny footprints were very clever as well. Way to go!