Thursday, April 2, 2009

And the Award goes to... ME

When I went to gTea last Wendesday I bought some g's for some out of state friends (they had some discontinued colors for less $) Because they were on sale, I wanted to keep my friends savings down so I tried to cram everything they bought in the smallest FLAT rate box possible.

This is Tory's. I got 3 g's, a wipes case, a bag and some other goodies in the tiny $4 box!

This is Janetta's, 4 g's a bag and a wipes case along with other goodies.

Here it is all squished into the box. LOTS OF TAPE!

Now as long as the post office doesn't mess up the tape all will be fine!
I just told them to expect an explosion when they open the boxes. :)
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Anonymous said...


I think if I give you any more Kudos your head might get big, but as you know I read every posts you put on there and I got to thinking you sure do a lot of sewing/embroidery etc for friends out of state, well how about Auntie's out of state? I sure love me a home made surprise. hmmm wondering if my birthday will bring me a surprise compliments of hand made craftiest person I know Niece Jaimey. AUntie Trish

eireann said...

HAH my mother did this once with those flat rate boxes. not packed with g's of course. i think she crammed about 10 yards of fabric, a whole mess of zippers, a bunch of packages of bias tape, and a couple magazines in the box. it was all roundy and overtaped when it was delivered. she told me later that the next time she went to the post office, the postal lady told her there was a weight limit on the boxes!