Saturday, May 16, 2009

A sad End in sight

For months now we have worried what we would do if/when Zack didn't get a job when the biz failed. Well, we passed the 5 month mark of no income and up until that point we were up to date on everything except credit cards. Well Zack has now been unemployed and without an income for 8 months (except for the month he worked at the crappy company that down sized him after a month!) We are now behind on our mortgage, unfortunately. And today we got the notice in certified mail that our house is scheduled to be sold on the courthouse steps on September 15th. That is 4 months.
We talked to a lawyer recently and he said we have 14 days from the time of sale to move. He also said we could still have more time after that, if the sale gets delayed for whatever reason or it does not sell on that date because no one buys it. If it gets sold and we refuse to leave, then we have squatters rights (who knew squatters had rights?!) and can be evicted which can take even longer. Interesting in dead. Not that we want to be squatters, but its another way to drag out the process.

We are obviously still hoping for a miraculous job to pop up which makes it possible to pay the $11k we owe (big mortgage) and keep us on track. Unfortunately that probably will not be the reality in this economy.

Chances are very good that we will be moving out of our house late this summer/early fall into a much smaller place. :( I am very depressed right now. I just want to cry. I love this house. It's my house. We picked every single thing that went into it from the colors on the walls to the cabinets colors and carpets. I love this house, the neighborhood and its area.


I know its just a thing, but I feel like a little bit of my body is being ripped off of me.

I really just have to ask God or whoever, HOW MUCH MORE ARE WE TO TAKE?! Losing a business, a child a house... really!? Is it possible to go through all that in a year? I never would have answered that with a yes... before.

I know I still have much to be thankful for and I am its just... so frustrating!

Anyone wanna buy a house and rent it to me for a ridiculously cheap price?! :/

I guess the upside is we now know what our time frame is. I hate not knowing anything.

In other news, Target is going okay. I am very tired, mostly because I have not been able to get myself to go to bed before 930 most nights. And its very hard work. My whole body is sore, I have blisters and cuts all over my hands and scrapes up and down my arms from opening so many boxes. I will live and it feels good to be doing something.

I just started feeling a bit nauseous a few days ago and hopefully it will stay at that and I won't throw up all the time like I did with Jonathan. Grayson's pregnancy was much easier, so fingers crossed this one will be too. No major headaches yet either so that's a good thing. I really don't want to tell Target until I have to that I am pregnant. For some reason I have been getting the cold/rude/mean shoulder from some of the woman I work with so I don't want to have that on top of it. I think it would just make things worse, maybe make them think I am getting special treatment or something. I don't know. I just don't want it to affect anything. Target says you can come to management with anything without repercussion but I just don't trust things of that nature. People are but human.

Anyway, that's that. thanks for reading.


ruth said...

I am so sorry that you have to go through this right now. I know how you feel. It reminds me of a Mother Teresa quote- "I know God will not give me anything I can't handle. I just wish that He didn't trust me so much."

I was pregnant with my first baby and working a temp job, I also chose to wait as long as possible to inform my employers. But before that time came a co-worker asked me in front of everyone if I was pregnant. I lied. Funny thing is my boss ended up being pg and due at the same time (and I always thought it was coincidence that I ran into her in the bathroom constantly).

I know that you can use money right now more than anything, but I was wondering if you are open to bartering for your diapers. If interested, please email me (RuthB.Red @ I will tell you what I can offer.

1snappyfamily said...

Oh you guys!! I'm so sorry!

We love you so much. I know that doesn't give you your house back...but at least know that you are loved and supported by so many!!

jenni said...

I'm sorry you are going through yet another terrible thing- you continue to amaze me with your strength.

This will one day be but a distant memory-

You have much happiness to look forward to!

Jill said...


This sucks! I wish there was something I could do to help your family. Let me know if you want me to babysit or bring some meals over. I'm not to busy to help.

Anonymous said...

Hugs, Jaimey. I'm thinking of you!!

Trish said...


I am so sorry, regardless of whether it's a thing or not it's still very hard and sad. I really wish there was something I could do to help you but please know that I am always here for you and your family and I will always be only an email or phone call away. I love you guys and I have been through this myself it's hard, it sucks but you will get through it.

Delia Coker said...

Hey Chica, I'm so sorry you have to go through this crap! God did say he'd never give you more than he can handle but he never said it would be easy. Hang in there! If I wasn't homeward bound I'd make you dinners or something. Right now, I'm taking dinners myself and it is so nice to have one less thing to worry about. I shall check with you once my 5 pound preemie can leave the house. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

From Zack - Hubby

This whole thing is very frustrating and we appreciate all of the comments and love etc.

We are not ones to be shy or hide things that go on in our lives, and unfortunately this is one of those things.

It is hard to even try to piece together how this all happened, but if I have learned anything it is that if this can happen to us, this can happen to anyone.

You hear in the news all of the time about how all of this mess was caused by people who got in over their heads, and made bad decisions.

That may be true but in the end it is normal people like us, people who have worked hard to make a life, live responsibly, do good for their community, build a business etc. etc. etc. that get hurt, and are getting hurt now.

I know that everyone who may read this may also be experiencing some financial troubles right now. If there is but one piece of advice I could give from our exp. over the past year it is WORK ON YOUR FAMILY.

At the end of the day nothing else matters, and if you too find yourselves in the situation that we are in will your family survive?

I would like to be able to find at least one good thing that has come out of our misfortune over the past 2-3 years. Reading my wife's blog reminds me that many people are reading this, and appreciate all of the things that Jaimey has to say.

Regardless of your political or religious views, please remember that most people out there in this current environment are just 1 or 2 major issues away from being in the same boat that we are. Most people seem to be too busy clinging to those views, and passing blame that in my opinion more and more people seem to be loosing hope.

Without hope there can not be much to this life.

Remember what is important in life, and work on keeping your relatioship with your family strong. That is the only thing that has allowed us to get thru all of this "CRAP"

To be honest our relationship has grown stronger in spite of, and due to the situation that we find ourselves in.

Sorry for the rant. Just wanted to chime in too!


Lindsey J said...

oh Jaimey & Zack, I'm so sorry to hear about this. I am the praying type so I'll be praying for the miracle that you need. That you deserve.

Jessica and Jeremy Wolfe said...

Oh Jamiey I am so sorry. I totally understand what you are going through. We are in the same boat. We owe our landlord pretty much that amount as well. Jay has had little jobs here and there to just pay to keep the electric on or the gas or our truck. But our landlord has not been paying the mortgage on the house either. Our home is due to sell on the 5th of June. It has been on the market for a while and people have been steady looking at it. It makes me sick because Jay made this house ours. He did all the floors, the fireplace, the paint colors everything. We were to buy it but we can't. I get so sad every night and I have just the house (cleaning wise) go to the way side so people wouldn't like it. That is why we are moving to NY. We had no other option at this point.

I know it doesn't give you money and doesn't make the pain or the stress go away, but if you need an ear to vent to anything I am here. I am so sorry.

Angel... said...

Jaimey and Jack,

You guys are in my prayers. Don't worry just believe in God. He will definetely do something.
Love you guys.

Kara said...

I am sorry for all that you have and are going through. I will be thinking of you.

Leslie R said...

I think that when all is said and done and this very trying 2-3 years is behind you, you will have lived through all the grief you were supposed to have experienced. Most of us have tragedy and upheavel sparsely placed throughout our lives. Unfortunately, you guys have gotten it all at once. When you've walked through your last rainstorm you will be greeted on the other side with the sounds of peace and tranquility. A new baby's cry, the laughter of a proud new big brother, the tears of joy that parents shed at the sight of the newest miracle, the memory of sweet Jonathan, these are all awaiting you and that will wash away some of the pain. Nothing else matters.

Anonymous said...

I have left comments before about a loan modification. This only applies to people in your situation who have fallen behind. You should look into it if you want to keep your house. Contact HUD, there are so many resources out there, you just have to look and be persistant. For the loan modification I believe you just contact your bank and file paperwork, not sure. My sister did it and dropped her loan to$700 per month for three years.

There is light at the end of the tunnel you are trapped in and I am certain you will see it soon.

Jessika said...

Are you open to another job? Maybe you could email me your experience (I'm friends with Erin-- I'm in Portland too). I could see if you match with anyone I know...I have a couple of ideas of local things. I am so sorry to read that you're going through this!