Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday Thankful.

Its funny. I was just reading my friends Erin's blog, about all that she is thankful for this week when it dawned on me its THURSDAY! Duh! I have a blog to write!

This week I am Thankful for:

1.) my extended family. Growing up in San Diego when they were mostly up in Oregon I always felt a bit like the odd man out. Then I would come up for summers and its was like I belonged here. It was always a goal in my life to have a tree on my license plate when I grew up.
So now that I am all grown up and moved up here I feel closer to my extended family than ever before. Mostly to my aunts because they are always so kind and loving and I know I can count on them when I need anything. Whether its a listening ear or a serger. They are there and I am thankful!

2.) My hubby! He never fails to amaze me. I have been really tired, sluggish and nauseous lately and have not been up to most of "my" chores. He has been totally taking up the slack, making dinner, cleaning the house, doing laundry. Right now he is putting our sweet cherub to bed so I don't have to lay down with him (I get more vomit-y, kinda like the spins when you are wayyy too intoxicated, just minus the spins)

3.) The ability to sew. I learned partially from my mom, my grandmothers and aunts. But when Zack and I first got married I bought a table runner/ wall hanging
from his step-mom for a ridiculous amount of money and realized as I handed her a check that I could so make that!!! So I called all the quilt shops in my area and ended up taking a class at a great little shop in Fallbrook, CA. I still have that runner though my tastes have changed drastically in the last 8 years! Tons of quilts, cloth diapers, baby outfits, gifts and blankets later and I have never looked back. I love that I can take a pile of fabric and turn it into something special. Its a talent that has lent itself well to me. thank you to all who let me watch, learn and took the time to teach. :)

4.) My sewing machine! It is probably the one thing, that through all of this, if I had to sell it I would fall into a sad long lasting depression. I love it. It sews like a dream, its easy to use and it does everything I could possibly want it to. Its amazing how much it has saved on birthday, baby and christmas gifts! I have made EVERYTHING since I bought it! I have tried to mostly use fabric I had and have turned out some cute stuff! (if I do say so myself!)
5.) maternity pants. That seems sad and silly to say since I am only 6 weeks pregnant. But even though I have not really expanded all that much I am at the lovely phase where I just don't want anything touching my belly. So my normal pants are for the most part very uncomfortable. I also have really cute maternity clothes, while my normal wordrobe is a bit sad and lacking because I still have 15-20 lbs to get back to pre-GRAYSON! (sad) and I didn't want to spend money on a body I hate. Rude of me or it, I'm not sure, but after this baby.... ITS ON! Anyway, today I dug out a pair of elastic (shudder but ahhh) waist capri pants and oh boy are they comfy! Yay elastic!


eireann said...

burda has some great modern maternity patterns. joann fabrics sells burda i believe.

i SO hear you on the sewing machine and ability to sew. i think i would die without my machine. and i have always told brian, i love the ability to turn a flat piece of fabric into something interesting, something pretty, something with curves that fits around curves. amazing. i think my wardrobe would have cost a whole lot more (and be a whole lot smaller) if i didn't sew.

Kitty said...

What brand is your machine? I've been looking at an embroidery one, but the price range and the things they can do are just so far apart. Also, how much did it cost, if I may ask?

Jaimey said...

Eireann- the only problem is i have a REALLY hard time completing anything crafty when I am pregnant, call it tired, nauseous or lazy... whatever.

Kitty- I posted all the info you wanted on your blog! :)