Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thursday Thankful.

Today I decided to change things up. I want to be more optimistic. (Yes, I am watching the Michael J. Fox special) So I am going to start writing what I am thankful for on at least a weekly basis.

I have always tried to be optimistic anyway and while it is my nature to find the best, I have my moments were I forget to find them and I get sucked into a deep hole. I always find my way back but sometimes its very hard. I had a very hard day yesterday. If you caught my post before I pulled it then you already know that. I pride myself on being candid and an open book. I felt very raw.

Basically I got a job and hours later got a call that it had been taken back away because my training was not as good as they had thought and it wasn't enough. So I went from having some of our "thoughts, prayers, hopes" answered to seemingly back at square one.

Well as I do I went to bed and when I woke up I felt new again.

So today I am thankful for:
1.) My hubby. It is nice to know that we have been through the worst things possible in our marriage and we are still together. And mostly happy. :)

2.) Target. I DO have that job. I had orientation today and while it was painful and 5.5 hours long it was fairly fun hanging out with a gal also from San Diego.

3.) Sun. I have seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and have struggled with depression for many years. Which is to say that in the winter my mood suffers. I am a slug and grouchy. Not always but more so than with spring and summer. So I am happy the sun is coming out again, finally.

4.) My friend Di. I know that no matter how busy she is if I call and need to talk or am having a bad day she is there to listen and give me a hug, even if its over the phone. We don't always have time to get together but she shows me she cares in so many other ways. Thank you.
(we got to get together on Monday and it was very refreshing for me)

5.) my blog readers. I know you are out there. Some of you reading faithfully every day. I see you. I feel your love and your compassion reaching out to me even if you don't leave comments.

Please leave comments. They get me through the days. I know I suck at writing back to them, but honestly that's just me. I have tried to remember to do that and get so behind...

On that note. goodnight.


1snappyfamily said...


eireann said...

*comment* ;)

i have to say i am glad you are doing this, because i know how much it has helped me. that i have to find a couple things on a regular basis to be thankful for out loud (blog posting) has helped me see so much more good in my life. i generally have a rather sunny outlook but it still helps so much. so, yay for you!

Trish said...

Not happy about your family??? What the crap? Just kidding, it's funny now that I write these too It's funny how people always find the thing you didn't say or the person you don't mention and leave a comment. I have a blog reader who tells me when I misspell words. LOL I love your blog. have you ever won blog to watch? How do people get that? Wierd how they are always blogs that people are selling stuff never heart to hearts like ours. :(

Heidi said...

I watched the Michael J Fox show too. I liked it. Good kick in the butt! I almost bought the book at Costco yesterday.