Friday, May 22, 2009

Everybody poops

Reading that title many of you probably just sucked in a little breath and said a little prayer, and right about now are saying a little "NO SHE ISN'T" to yourself... but I am, so if you are too much of a lady (or a man) to talk or read about poop, STOP HERE!

Okay, if anyone is still with me... :)

I am usually a fine pooper. It goes without saying I will poop daily and it will all be comfy and fine. I was recently linked to a blog called Becoming Sarah, by my friend Erin. Sarah is also pregnant and dealing with "issues".

I have always heard it said that pregnancy brings constipation. I always thought "how sad, that sucks" but I have never had to deal with it. Until now. I feel like I need to go, but I get there and nothing or only tiny pellets come out. ALL DAY LONG! It is so frustrating! I JUST WANT TO POOP!

I have been eating dried fruit and fresh fruit in hopes of progressing things a little and it works for a few hours then I am back at square one. A noxious fart* here and there and then nothing.

grrr. Its making for a very grumpy, lumpy bellied Jaimey. As Sarah would say, It feel like I have a stick up my ass or is it a tree trunk!? Gotta love pregnancy!

I bet you are really glad I didn't post pictures, aren't you!?

*if you have never had the pleasure of being pregnant or dealing with someone up close and personal who was pregnant, let me paint a picture for you! Noxious farts are as bad or worse than it implies. When I was pregnant with Grayson I could clear a room with the best of them. One time (or two or twenty) I actually vacated the dog! We were all sitting in our bedroom, Blue on his bed on the floor and I farted. After a few minutes, Zack gasped and ran from the room choking, then Blue looked up...smelled his bum realized it wasn't his brand, signed a little and got up and left. Glaring a little in my direction. Pretty sad when the dog won't be left alone with you!


Jill said...

Oh, Jaimey! How awful for you - but I'm still jealous! Not of the lack of poop, of course...

Carroll Conversations said...

So sorry your dealing with this. Even one Zofran pill backs me up for days. Get some dried prunes and chug away! Hope you get some 'relief' soon. I had to laugh about the dog vacating the room as well. That's pretty potent girl! =)

Kimberly said...

Oh my gawd, Jaimey... I'm dying right now!!! You are hilarious and I love your candor. May the poop be with you, Berly

Jaimey said...

Jill- Be jealous! Now hurry up, get that man of yours on board and get knocked up so you can post about all the lovely "goodness" on your blog!

Krista- I never really thought about it possibly being the Zophran! But its the only thing that has changed so who knows. I don't remember it doing it with Jonathan but I seem to have blocked out a lot. :( Off to the store for prunes!

Berly- Glad to keep you smilin! Thanks!

Baseball Mom said...

Sorry!! Have you possible tried Metamucil? They have great flavors now. The pink lemonade is good. Just like drinking lemonade.

It might be really helpful.

Take Care U.

eireann said...

i was so thankful to have escaped the constipation (and subsequent hemmorrhoids!) during pregnancy, but thus far postpartum is a COMPLETELY different issue. no matter how much fiber, fruit, or water i consume - i'm still backed up for miles. it certainly doesn't help that the painkiller i'm on causes constipation, but you'd think between the stool softener and the diarrhea-causing-antibiotic i'd be okay. but no, except that when i finally DO have to go, it comes on so suddenly that i'm racing to find a toilet QUICK. so, i hear your pain.

mo said...

Try flax seed, too. Just a little sprinkle in your yogurt or on your cereal should do the trick. I've had the worst time with this this pregnancy too! I had zero issues when I was pregs with Liam. Noxious am like a lean mean (did I say lean, I meant plump) farting machine this pregnancy. Something else I did not have at all when I was pregs with Liam. *sigh*