Monday, August 2, 2010

A stick in hand

My friend Heidi and her family used to split time between Portland and AZ but last summer they sold their house here and became mostly full-time AZ residents. (boo) They do visit for most of the summer though staying with family and not nearly as close as they were before.

We recently got a chance to meet up with her and her boys at Washington Park, where the old zoo used to be. (mentioned here) Her boys are just a bit older than G at 4 and 6. They were having a great time playing on the equipment and in the sandbox.

Heidi's youngest 'C' had a stick and was playing quite happily with it, not hurting anyone, when we notice a woman getting up and coming over to where we were watching the boys from. She walks over to us and asks in an accusing tone "Do you have rules for sticks or something because your son is jumping off the elephant with that stick and he's making us nervous... he's going to hurt himself of someone else". Heidi responded with something to the effect of "Thanks! He's ok." The woman apparently couldn't believe her ears because she just stared at us dumbfounded, shook her head and walked away.

Then she turns, looks at us and says quite exasperated "SEE!? He's pointing that STICK at that little boy!!" That little boy was G and he was being HANDED the stick by C. LOL Some people just can't let go. I said, "Thanks, that is my son and he doesn't look concerned so I am not either" They continued to play happily while she packed up her child, who was screaming at being dragged away for no reason.

We just shrugged.

Heidi asked if she should tell her "A stick in hand and all is grand!"

T is the one hiking up his shorts, C is in black track pants.

I figured it was best left alone. Though I really wanted to "poke the bear". I just love people like that. They make me laugh.

G after he face planted off the elephant.


Heidi said...

Honestly, some people need to keep their noses in their own business! We had fun that day! Too bad that lady decided to suck all the fun out of it for herself.

Jaimey said...

I felt bad for her kid but one day she will get it... hopefully. :)