Sunday, August 8, 2010

Help for a friend

I posted the other night that my dear friend lost 2 of her 5 children in a house fire. I have connected with her over email and she has expressed that while their immediate needs are met (they won't starve or freeze) there is the costs and the fact that the family is spread out over a few states as they prepare the home they are in for the rest of the family to join them.

A fellow blogger, Clay, has started a fund for this family and I also have posted her Paypal donation button below if you would like to send a pp donation directly. If you would prefer a gift card or something you can send it to me or Clay and we can forward it on. Please email me at for more info on how you can help this wonderful family. (also, for what it is worth I do know this Mama in real life and she is amazing)

button is in the works- it's being a PIMA.... in the meantime, here is Dana's blog who has a working button! LOL

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Marlyn said...

I love that photo. And now I am bawling all over again. I must remember that in Nature nothing is ever wasted -- whatever dies feeds Life in some way.