Saturday, September 13, 2008

Poor Poor Lappy!

What happens when to take a mommy who recently found out her baby isn't going to live, give her a laptop to work on that has pissed her off for more than 4 years and then you have her fight with her husband and send her over the edge?! You get what we have here

This is Lappy. He has been a faithful little lappy who has annoyed me many times in the last 4+ years. I got very upset the other night, very very upset. I just couldn't keep it together any more. My emotions took over and I screamed, I screamed a lot and loud. And then things just had to be thrown. I threw my remote. Didn't make me feel better. I threw my wireless mouse. Didn't make me feel better. Then the only thing left was my laptop. Lappy went flying. Hard. I stood up and slammed it down on the ground. THAT made me feel better. Not so much for Lappy. I shattered the screen, obviously.

All I could do when I realized what I did (I plead out of body experience) is cry. There was nothing left to do. I guess there still isn't.

The first day I thought all was well, aside from the screen "issue", Zack has connected the old desktop flat screen to it and now it has to stay in my craft room. Then it started revolting. The third or fourth day it would get overwhelmed when you opened 2 or 3 windows at a time and then freeze and tell me minutes (hours) later that it had hit an error and shut it self down. It is like it is telling me it has a headache and is just done working for me. It started out doing that once or twice a day. Um now its 4 or 5 times a day and to the point where I just don't really turn it on. I tried to make a baby gift with my embroidery machine the other day and it wouldn't write the design to the card for the machine. ugh. Oh well. Someday I will get another laptop, until then I am told I get old Desky back from the dust bunnies and cobwebs.



1snappyfamily said...

Oh, hon....

I'll bet that felt really good! I know how awesome it feels to throw things....boy it feels good!! But bummer about Lappy.....that is very sad.

Love you

Geneva said...

Is there anything I can do for you (other than magic you a new computer)?

Heather said...

OHHH NOO!!! You are the best!! I love that you did this, I mean the poor lappy but I think it's sooo funny you are sooo human and we have all been there but mine have been a lot less expensive. I guess you can put a price on your anger!! He He

eireann said...

oh heavens i love this. l.o.v.e. it. i cannot tell you how many times i have felt like doing that very same thing. i'm sure it wasn't funny at the time, but i still love it. you're awesome, and zack is awesome for trying to salvage it [brian would probably shoot me on sight].