Saturday, September 27, 2008

10 days and counting

Saturdays always mark a favorite for the Buquet family in the warm months. Saturdays mean the farmers market. We almost always go and have breakfast at one of our favorite little Mexican places that sets up a booth. They have these yummy mini tacos for $1 each. I don't know why that seems so great to us, but we have always loved it since we moved to Hillsboro, 6 years ago. I always get chicken and guacamole, Zack gets carnitas steak and spicy salsa. It will be interesting to see what Grayson will choose when he is older.
Today though Zack decided to switch it up and get BBQ from Cousin Kenny's BBQ. We went kind of late today so it was more of lunch. I had decided I wasn't hungry until I had a bite. I ended up finishing Zack's yummy pulled pork burrito. His pulled pork is SO good. I had it for the first time at a barn party we went to recently with the Rotary group Zack belongs to.

The farmers market is the start of my week. I stock up on yummy vegis and fruit. Here is my bounty from today:
2 speghetti squash (only $1.25 each- they are about $5 at the store)
a 5 lb bag of Jonagold apples- $4,
Cinnamon chip bread from Great Harvest Bread Co.
and blueberries

All for $23

We also do a CSA (community supported aggriculture) box with a friend of mine. Basically you pay your money at the planting phase of the growing season and then during harvest you share in the bounty of the farm. This week our families will share summer squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, pears, apples, onions potatoes and fresh beans.

Going to market almost makes my life seem normal. Life is good when we are there. Especially today, it was gorgeous! Hard to believe fall is here already and the leaves are starting to change. Soon in will be cold and we will huddle around our fire places.

The rest of the day was spent lounging around the house and working on miscellaneous projects. I finished Jonathan's blanket (another post) and a little one for G. Late in the day I took a lovely nap on the couch. It was quite peaceful until Zack tried to find the tv remote IN THE COUCH with me on it. I may be up all night now but thats ok.

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