Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thankful Thursday! 29 weeks

Today I am Thankful for:
1. Being 29 weeks pregnant. Today. Hotdog will be here before I know it.

To date my stats are:
weight gain~ 6 lbs (he is growing just fine I am assured)
new stretch marks~ 0
vericose veins~ 0 still yeah!
sciatic nerve~ Alive and well and rearing its ugly head on the Right as well as Left now.
hip displacement~ active on the left. :(

2. That we get to keep the house! I feel we are very blessed in this fact. I know there are many, many people who have lost theirs in this economic mess.

3. That my husband works so hard to make our life great, even when everything is up in the air.

4. Email and Iphone. I know this is silly. But when I found out about Jonathan I lost my ability to use the phone except when necessary. Text, email and facebook are so much easier for me now. And in the beginning I was not too sure if I liked my Iphone and now... well lets just say the AA people might want to consider a IPhone Addict Annomous group.

5. Tiny little clothes. I have been going through the leftovers from when Grayson was born and small. I have the room in the furniture configuration I want it in, and all the clothes washed and folded or hung up. The cloth diapers are washed and sized to smalls and in the changing table. Basically we are ready. I still have the bulk of the nursery decor to do but its "designed" and planned just needs to be exicuted. I will take before and afters but no pics until its ready.


eireann said...

your belly is so cute!! and you look fabulous too.

Leslie said...

You are amazing. So handy. I'd give anything to be able to sew. I love it when you post about canning. Something else I want to do. You are supermom!! That being said, I'm thrilled about the house and this little person you're making. You look amazing. I never had the cute round belly so I'm a little jealous. Anyway, I'm glad that there is more good than bad in your life now. Love from Austin.