Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lavendar Festival

This was in July. I forgot I had the pics. Ooops.
We went to the Helvetia Lavender Farm for part of the lavender festival. It is a bunch of lavendar farms in Oregon and you can farm hop that weekend for all the fun. It was a bit drizzley so we only went to one.

I love Lavender.

On the way home we saw this sign... um how do you MISPLACE your COWS!?
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Heidi said...

That sign is Hilarious!!!

Geneva said...

Cows like to push over sections of fence and go wandering. They're not so smart, and can get into all kinds of shenanigans.

Main Street Mom said...

Absolutely beautiful! I love herbs, but my husband's fav...Our success with growing lavender here in AL is very pitiful...what a dream to see such a mass of such a beautiful aromatic like lavender.