Thursday, October 8, 2009

TJ's adventure!

I don't know if every Trader Joe's does it but our's hides the monkey (their mascot) daily and for the kiddos who find it there is a lollipop or fruit snack in their future. Its one of Grayson's favorite things, right after pushing the tiny shopping cart.

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eireann said...

!! i am so going to have to look for the monkey next time i got to tj's. i had no idea. do you think they would give ME a lollipop if hannah "found" it?

eireann said...

ps, when i was a kid in tacoma we used to shop at a co-op called cerbone's. they had teeny shopping carts also, and i loved them. so i totally get with g.

Real Live Lesbian said...

He's just too darn cute for words! I'm lovin' that buzz cut!

Anonymous said...

Gotta love "MOTO"