Friday, October 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Jonathan!

Today my angel baby would be a year old. In a way its a sad day, it reminds me of every thing he will never do or be, all the things we miss out on with him. But on the other hand, the hand I tend to use more, it is a day that we got to learn lessons about life and love we may never have learned any other way. He is the angel who guides our family through life. I know he is with us in every way.

As I look at the photos of him. His tiny toes and his tiny perfect body I realize the love for a child never fades. I love him more every day since I first found out I was pregnant with him.

A moment in our hands
Forever in our hearts
Always in our thoughts
Never far apart

A life that was so short lived
And question still remain
We will always think of you
And always know your name

A love so strong as ours
Can never go away
So although we're far apart
In our hearts you'll stay

A moment in our hands
Forever in our hearts
We will always love you, Son
Even though we're far apart

A love so strong as ours
Can never go away
We will love you till the end
We will love you everyday

~written by Daddy

We love you sweet baby. You always have a large piece of Mommy and Daddy's heart. You are our Angel and we love you forever and always.
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Sarah @ said...

I don't know what to say, so I'll just say that I'm thinking of you and sending my best wishes to you and your family on this day.

1snappyfamily said...

I've been thinking about you guys, and Jonathan all week long....waiting for his birthday to come. It's wonderful to hear your positive viewpoint of the situation that you've been through. There's no doubt that boy will be loved forever!

Happy Birthday, Jonathan!

In loving, loving memory,
Your Auntie Melissa

Geneva said...

I don't think I'll ever forget that day. Happy birthday. Love you. Thinking of you.

Carroll Conversations said...

Happy Birthday sweet little Jonathan! I'm sure you and Candace are having a great time together in heaven. I've been thinking about your sweet little family so much this week, knowing Jonathan's birthday was today. Our thoughts, hearts, and prayers are with you. We love you!

Linda Buquet said...

Happy Birthday Jonathan, from Grandma.

Zack, what a beautiful poem!

I just sent an email, but thought I would come and post here too on this special day.

Been thinking about you all a lot and remembering the Memorial Garden we made for Jonathan last year.

He is very much loved and will be in our hearts forever!

Love Mom

David said...

Zach, Jaimey, and Grayson...

I am personally in awe of you today. What an amazing way to keep your little angel in your hearts. Very inspirational! Zach, the poem, I had no idea - absolutely beautiful. Shelly, Asher, "Peanut" and I keep you in our prayers.


PBrown9624 said...

Thinking of you on this bittersweet day. You are an amazingly strong woman.
Keeping you & your family in my prayers.