Friday, April 23, 2010

The Pioneer Woman Visits Portland

A few years ago I ran across this recipe (this is an old family recipe blog that we never really use anymore- sadly) and was first turned on to The Pioneer Woman- Ree Drummond. I have been hooked ever since. She is an amazing writer/blogger who started her blog 4 years ago as a way to keep her family updated on her children's and her life. And today she is blogging phenomenon who gets millions of hits a day! She lives on a working cattle ranch in rural Oklahoma.

She came out with a cookbook last year
and I have wanted to get it since I heard it was pre-selling! Unfortunately, it wasn't in the budget and she wasn't coming to Portland for a book signing so I figured there was no rush.

Until I hopped on her facebook page on day and there was a new post about coming to Portland!

I may have peed a little in that moment!
Oh sorry, TMI?

So last Monday I tossed J in the car, I dropped G at a friends, picked up another friend Gretchen and drove over to Powell's to meet PW! (I had bought the book 2 weeks before on ebay)

I made this shirt (CBE= cutest baby ever) hoping to use J as bait. :)
PW LOVES babies! (yes I totally pimped out my kid- shameless I know!)

We got to the book store about 4. There had been people waiting to see her since 10 am!!
So we waited.

And waited.
She was supposed to be there at 6 but got a bit lost.
So we waited some more.

It made no difference though, she was as amazing as we hoped she would be! She was funny and sweet and very candid.

(there is a "WOOHOO" about 29 seconds. That was me- and I woke up Jax. hehe)

Her singing!

Here she is signing my book and a little something for Geneva who'd had a c-section the week before and wasn't up for the adventure.

And here she is taking J's picture! Bait may have worked! Check back later to see if I have updated with a link to her blog if she posts his pic... fingers/toes/eyes crossed!

Signing J's shirt.

Gretchen was in love too.
Powell's had given out 360 tickets to meet PW, and we were 151/2. It took just about 2 hours for us. There was SO many people there. If I had to guesstimate, I'd say 1000 or so. So when we were done we decided to clear out to make more room.


Then we went down the hall in the mall and got Peach wave frozen yogurt. I fell in love all over again! 16 self-serve flavors and ALL the toppings, in HUGE cups for .36 and oz. I have a huge bowl and it was only $4! The one down the street I was eating when I was pregnant with Jax is $2.50 for a 3 oz cup, and they make sure they weigh it to not give you too much. Oy.

Honestly, maybe the perfect date. Now to get my husband to take me to meet my "girl-crush" and get frozen yogurt....
I swoon! LOL

Absolutely perfect night! Oh! and Jax was a fabulous adventure-r with us! He took a brief nap, fussed just long enough to nurse and played "cute baby" the rest of the time!

Here's another one: my head is about 3:13. LOL :-D

p.s. tell everyone you know about my blog! I wanna be her when I grow up! :)


Anonymous said...

On a totally unrelated topic... I have been reading the "Becoming Sarah" blog since I randomly stumbled across it. When I looked at it today, I saw you won the book contest! I didn't realize you follow her blog, too, but when I clicked on "Jaimey," it took me to your page! Enjoy the book!
- Jill

Jaimey said...

She is a friend of my hs friend Erin's. I learned of her via Erin. She reads mine too. Hi Erin and Sarah!! :) She is a great writer. I hope to be her too someday. LOL