Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

I love watching my children(s) eyes light up when they see their presents on Christmas or Birthdays, and Easter is no exception. I loved letting the Easter bunny know what my children would love in their baskets this year. ;-)

We had told Grayson that when he was sleeping much like Santa, the Easter bunny would "hop" in our house and fill up his basket we left out (and Jaxon's) and then hide the eggs for G to find when he woke up. Grayson woke up and came into our room, a little fussy and climbed in bed with me, still grumbling. Until he realized what day it was. He immediately stopped whining and asked if the bunny had come.

Zack took him to the loft to look over the banister into the living room to see if his basket was filled. But imagine his surprise when he also saw these.
He was VERY upset the the bunny had not wiped his feet properly and made a mess.


Silly bunny did it last year too. We told him it was okay and moved on to his basket. An Elmo dvd, Cadbury bunny that cheeps, and some egg shaped sidewalk chalk for G. 2 Monkey hangers and some new shoes for Jax.
After being a bit tentitive about going near the bunny prints he finally came around and moved onto his egg hunt. He was so excited to run around the house finding all the eggs the bunny hid. But he had some questions: how did the bunny get in the family room? hopped we said. But why aren't there "print prints"? (blank stares at each other...) because he got all the "dirt" off in the first few hops. Once we answered all his questions to his satisfaction, we "hopped" on to get ready for the rest of our adventure.

Having little to no family in the area does pose its challenges. Holidays for example. We have spent the last 7 years we have lived here being "floaters" on holidays. Many times we have spent various holidays with my childhood friend Bonnie's family in Vancouver, WA. Others were spent with a high school friends family or other various friends. I think I finally found a tradition I can wrap my family around for the duration.

We went to Mt. Hood's Timberline Lodge for Easter Brunch. It was A-MAZ-ING! The food was SO good. The atmosphere was very family friendly and because there had been a near blizzard for days the snow was piled high! It was gorgeous!

In this photo you can see how high up the building the snow is. The center above the black suburban is the entry way. They build a large metal covering over the stairs so the snow doesn't cover them. We have never been to Timberline before. You may recognize it from the Stephen King movie The Shining that was filmed there. And seriously this place is HUGE! I only really went to the bathroom to change Jax and I got lost.

We had a lovely lunch and then headed out for some snow play. This year we got little snow at home and I wasn't really willing to head the hour and half to the mountain at 9 months pregnant so this is the first large amount of snow for our winter... in the spring.

Jaxon is wearing Grayson's old bib's, that are huge on him. But warm is warm. Yes, he is in his carrier backwards, for those who are looking at it questioningly.

What kind of wife would I be if I didn't take a photo of my husband in his time of need. I did ask him if he needed help... after.

And because I like to torture my children...


Marlyn said...

Well, NOW I understand your snowy Easter pictures on FB!

I love the bunny prints. Too cute.

The snow pictures are adorable. Maybe we'll make that brunch a tradition too and join you next year -- wouldn't that be a hoot. Er, I mean, a cheep?

Corie said...

MMMMM....Yes, that did look yummy! Thanks for the baby fix today. :)