Sunday, April 25, 2010

Food Revolution!

Have you watched Jamie Oliver's food revolution? It just had its season finale on Friday. It was a such a great show! We all know that we have the third fattest/unhealthiest country in the world and Jamie has set out to do something about it. He is trying to show people that healthy home made food it NOT HARD to do. You don't have to be a chef to achieve quality results for your family.

Jamie started the season by going into an elementary school in Huntington WV. Huntington was voted the fattest city in America and Jamie sets out to change that, one school at a time. He looks into our countries school lunch program with shocking results. He finds and shows that a french fry counts as a vegetable (WTF?!) and strawberry milk is considered "good" for the children. Supposedly because its better that they drink milk... even if it has more sugar than a soda.

He does this fantastic demo of what goes into a chicken nugget. If you are about to eat them you may want to skip this video otherwise they will become inedible.

After I saw this I decided that the bag of Mickey mouse shaped chicken nuggets in my freezer will be our last. I decided I no longer can ignore what I know to be in those types of foods. You know, the ones we have in our homes that we can't read or understand a thing on the ingredient label. We all know they are bad for us but for the convenience we buy them anyway.

I have been making fresh meals for my family for a long time and ever freezing them so that the nights I am lazy I have something to make that is easy. How hard can chicken nuggets be to add to the list? Not hard at all I found out.

These were SO easy! I used the recipe from this book.
This is a double recipe. And I am happy to report it made three full trays. (a gallon ziplock after we ate dinner.) And G LOVED them!!

Baked Chicken Nuggets
serves 12

4 lbs boneless/skinless chicken

sauce option 1:
1/2 cup mayo
1/2 milk
1T+ 1 t dry mustard
2t onion powder

sauce option 2:
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup ranch dressing, bottled

2 cup bread crumbs (I used a combo of herbed and plain.)
1t paprika

Choose a sauce and mix all ingredients with a whisk. Cut chicken breasts lengthwise into strips and nuggets. Place all of the chicken pieces in the sauce and stir well to coat. Place the coating in a bag or bowl with a lid. Place about 1 lb of chicken in the crumb mixture and shake well to coat. Place chicken pieces on Demarle silpat or spray-treated cookie sheet. Bake at 375* for 15-20 min, turning once. Remove from oven and cool on the baking sheet.

Freeze in ziplock or container for short term storage or in food saver bags for long term freezing if making many batches. Only about 300-324 cal per serving depending on the sauce.

Take a second to sign the food revolution pledge.

And for the fun of it here is the is my cranberry chicken recipe.
Cranberry Chicken

8 oz catalina dressing
1 pkg dry onion soup mix
1-1lb can whole-berry cranberry sauce
4 boned chicken breasts

serves 4 (I double or triple it for freezing)

Cooking day instructions:
Mix together dressing, onion soup mix, and cranberry sauce. Place chicken and mixture together in a freezer bag. Freeze in a freezer bag. (lay flat to take up the least amount of space once frozen)

Serving day instructions:
Thaw completely. Place chicken with cranberry sauce in Demarle round mold on perforated tray or greased baking dish and bake uncovered at 350* for 1-1.5 hours.


Corie said...

Now I'm scared to watch! Thanks for the recipe, I may have to try it since Chicken nuggets are all Carson will eat.

Jessika said...

Hi Jamie,
Have you watched Food, Inc.? I loved it and was appalled by it. It discusses the overall state of where much of our food comes from. I liked it because, unlike other movies, it did a good job at not just showing one perspective (ie: Peta, gas impacts, etc etc). I loved it. I also thought "No Impact Man" did a good job at showing many of our society's pitfalls in how/what we buy and how/what we use. I'm not saying I want to take all his suggestions, but it was darn interesting!

Hope you're doing well! LOVE the family photos!

Jessika said...

Ha, well, no sooner than I posted that did I read that Food Inc is being shown online (for free) via PBS. Here's the link on a blog:

Amy H said...

Interesting stuff!
Hey, I make a chicken recipe that is very similar, but instead of cranberry sauce, use a half a jar of apricot preserves. I guess it is more like sweet-and-sour chicken. I should try it with cranberry sauce sometime.

Anonymous said...

I went out and bought chicken to make my own nuggets yesterday - don't have a kid in my house yet, but Jason will appreciate them! Thanks for sharing! -Jill.