Sunday, July 6, 2008

Green Toys

Those of you who are interested in safe plastic toys for your children I have the product for you! I just read about these on someone else's blog so to be fair I have not tried them but they look great.

Green Toys Inc. is a brand-spanking new company based in San Francisco. Their toys are made from 100% curbside collected plastic milk jugs. How cool is th at? If you're wondering if this plastic is safe, the answer is yes. It's considered some of the cleanest, safest plastic available. The energy saved in every pound of recycled plastic used in making Green Toys is enough to equal the energy in 3,000 AAA batteries, enough to power a TV set for 3 weeks and run a laptop computer for 1 month! It's safe and non-toxic and good for the environment. Can you say that for all those noisy plastic toys that are hanging out in your toy box?

Another bonus? Green Toys are made entirely in the USA! Here's what their website has to say about why this is so important.

Made in California, USA:
Less Transportation, Less Energy

All Green Toys products are 100% made in the USA. To be more specific, they are produced in California, a state known for strict toy safety and environmental laws. It's cool to buy USA, but also think about this: transportation is one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gasses. We all know driving less is good for mother nature, but did you ever think about how many miles a toy logs before it ends up in your local store

Our toys are truly local creations. Every step in the process, from milk container recycling to toy production to final assembly, occurs in California. Our raw materials and toys aren't shipped from overseas, which saves a lot of energy and reduces greenhouse gasses. It also guarantees your toys won't get seasick before they get to your home!

There is minimal packaging as well, a major plus in my book. I am so tired of spending more time trying to get the toy out of the package than Grayson spends playing with it. You currently have 4 choices of toys from Green Toys Inc. There is a tea set, a cookware and dining set, a sand play set, and our favorite, an indoor gardening set.

The original blogger I borrowed this from gave the review:

"On to the official review:

Functionality **** - These toys are very solidly made. They don't seem flimsy. I'm pretty certain that the little pots

Style **** - While they are plastic, they aren't the obnoxious bright-colored toys you see all over Toys R Us. The colors are soft which means I don't mind having them sitting out on my windowsill.

Cost *** - The price tag for these toys is what I would expect for an innovative new product, especially a green one. You might be paying a little more than you would for the cute hot pink princess cookware set, but I feel like the extra $10 or so is a small price to pay for getting a toy you can feel good about letting your child play with.

Overall Rating ***1/2 - Green Toys Inc. is off to a great start. Their toys are solidly and safely constructed, appealing to the eye, and good for the environment. Seriously, what more could you ask for in a toy?"

I love the concept of these. I am going to go this week to the store by me that has them and check them out. (Piccolo Mondo Toys)

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