Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Quirky Things

I've been tagged by Cathy so I must hold up my end of this and let you in on some of my quirky little habits. There are quite a few so this might be kinda tough! First things first, I must post and follow the rules for this...

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Here we go, an inside peek into my neurotic little world...

1.) I sleep with a blanket I have had since birth. It's name is Blankie. Yes, I did just say it has a name. I have slept with it since I can remember (or one of the few I have) and I have actually tried to give it up but after giving to my hubby as a gift for our wedding along with a note that said "I never thought anyone would replace Blankie until I met you..." I didn't sleep for weeks. He finally got tired of me keeping him awake and told me to go get my blankie. :)

2.) I have total OCD when it comes to where things go and how they go there. I need my towels folded a certain way. If they aren't I redo them- really- ask anyone who has tried to do my towels...sad I know. As hard as I try to just let people do them their way, it doesn't work. I end up with a stack of towels that "don't fit" in the cabinet.

3.) I love to organize. Now that doesn't mean I am always organized, I'm usually not, but I love to do it either way. :) I used to go to my Nana's house as a kid to organize her Tupperware drawer, which was HUGE. It made me happy. Still does.

4.) Stupid people make me crazy. Not the ones that were born that way. The ones that do stupid things repeatedly. Make the same mistakes over and over again, never learning from them. Those are the worst. My second least favorites are the ones who are just plain horrible drivers. I am sure its not long before my son yells something to the effect of "thanks for cutting me off you MORON!" (I know its horrible- but it could be worse)

5.) I have a weird lump in the middle of my head, I call my "tUmah" (Its not a tumah) no idea what it really is but hope its fine cause I haven't ever had it checked. (Head in sand much?)

6.) I can never think on the spot for these things. I *know* I am a very quirky person, often accused of having issues so for me not to be able to come up with 6 REAL ones is just sad. I blame it on my long weekend...more on that later!

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