Friday, July 25, 2008

Starskey and Hutch to the rescue!

First the background:

Update: Hillsboro police find man they say drove at officers

Posted by Holly Danks, The Oregonian July 25, 2008 17:45PM

Shawn Hankins

HILLSBORO -- A 32-year-old Hillsboro man with a history of driving and theft-related crimes was caught Friday evening, more than 15 hours after police shot at him when he allegedly tried to run over several officers responding to a domestic violence call.

Hillsboro Police Chief Lila Ashenbrenner said a resident reported seeing a bloody man walking down Southeast River Road near Thrush Avenue shortly after 5 p.m. Police responded and took Shawn Michael Hankins into custody without incident.

Ashenbrenner said it wasn't immediately clear if Hankins was suffering from a gunshot wound or if he had been cut by flying glass or some other means.

Lt. Michael Rouches, Hillsboro police spokesman, said one officer fired at least one shot as Hankins drove toward him at about 30 mph in the 800 block of Northeast Kathryn Street shortly after 3 a.m. Friday.

Rouches said the fugitive called his aunt later Friday and said police shot him in the head.

Police found droplets of blood leading away from Hankins' truck toward his house at _____. However, he wasn't there when the Washington County Tactical Negotiations Team fired tear gas inside and gained access after surrounding the residence for nearly three hours, Rouches said.

Later, as many as 25 police officers with 10 dogs and a helicopter searched an area about four miles away near Hillsboro High School after a resident reported that a man with blood on his neck ran through her back yard. No sign of Hankins was found at that time and residents were alerted to call 9-1-1 immediately if they saw him.

"We aren't messing around, he tried to run over a cop," Rouches said earlier in the day. "We take that seriously."

None of the officers was hurt.

While Hillsboro police called off the main search after more than seven hours, they responded to reports of suspicious activity throughout the day.

Hankins turned his truck away from police after the officer's bullet hit the windshield near the driver's side post, Rouches said. Hankins got out of the vehicle and ran away, prompting the search, he said.

The incident started about 3 a.m. Friday with a call that Hankins assaulted his live-in girlfriend. His girlfriend told police he didn't have any guns in the house.

In 1999, Hankins pleaded guilty to first-degree theft, possession of a forged instrument and tampering with public records, among other charges, for setting up an emissions certificate scam while he was working at the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality's vehicle testing station in Hillsboro.

He was sentenced to 13 months in prison and one-year of post-prison supervision.

"He doesn't want to go back to prison," Rouches said.

Shortly before 6 a.m. Friday, a woman reported she saw a bloody man run through her backyard on Southeast Tanager Circle. Police cordoned off Rood Bridge and River roads.

Rouches said Hankins was calling friends and relatives as he ran, and police were able to trace his cell phone to towers in the area.

So Zack and I are the "residents" that called the police about the guy walking down the street all bloody. Zack saw him first and I made him turn around so I could see him and make sure it was the same guy we had seen on the news this morning. (He looks like Shane- my ex- and I had noticed on the tv pic) So I called 911 while we followed him until he caught onto us and got out of sight. The police officer had caught up with us and pulled us over to get the scoop and then told us to meet him in the Lowe's parking lot across from us. As we started to drive across the street I saw him behind the building and started yelling and pointing. So out of the wood work comes out 3-4 other police cars who race into the parking lot to chase him. He of coarse gave them another run for their money, running back across the street, where the Officer we had talked to pulled his gun on him and then the Sargent tackled him. The Officer later said that he went down pretty hard when I asked why there was an ambulance there. :) Good. Idiot. So yeah! No more bad guy loose in my neighborhood. We have been watching the helicopters all day fly over head looking for him. Guess he was just a really good hider, too bad he was too dumb to wash his face. We never would have even noticed him if he had, but I am really glad he didn't.

On another note, we were the ONLY ones who called. From the first time we saw him to the end some 100+ cars drove past him and not one other person called in anything. That is just sad. Get involved people, this is your home too.

That was our excitement for the night, and to think it never would have happened if I hadn't dwaddled and watched most of Oprah instead of leaving and hour earlier when Zack wanted too. Thanks Oprah! :)



Lindsey Bunjes said...

That is a crazy story! Good for you for being so alert.

midnightwolf76 said...

I would appreciate it if you remove the address from your blog; it was taken incorrectly by the newsperson. I was actually the 911 caller at 3am. I've already asked the newsperson to correct the address. I know this is months later but I came across your blog while searching google, trying to get an update on this case.

Jaimey said...

I will take the address out of this post, because it matters little to the post. Thanks for letting me know.