Wednesday, July 23, 2008

TMI- Tuesday (but I am LATE!)

I usually don't do these silly things but since Sarah was sure that noone would play along I decided I would. :) You are welcome. For the rest of you, this is a TMI POST- Enter at your own risk!

Fart-astic TMI

1. Are your farts;

a. Silent but deadly
b. All sound, no fury
c. Loud and stinky

It totally depends on what I have eaten and if my lactose intolerance is acting up. If so, silent but VERY deadly! And pregnant I can clear rooms. {evil grin}

2. Have you ever farted in front of a lover? Who was the 1st one to do it? How did they or you handle it.

I think that is part of my initiation into my life. If you want to be with me you take me as I am, farts and all.

3. Have you ever farted and tried to blame someone else? Who and did you get away with it?

(A true fart connoisseur never blames anyone else - they wait for them to blame themselves. He who smelt it, dealt it.) That is Sarah's answer and I must say that I totally disagree. When one has lactose intolerance but loves dairy and eats it any way, one tends to blaim just about anyone. Good rule of thumb, with two people you are screwed cause they always know it wasn't them. But 3 or more and you are golden cause everyone blames someone else and noone really knows except that it wasn't them.

I used to blame my charges when I was a nanny. Grete (2) would totally say yes when I asked if she tooted! Score!

4. What food triggers you?

Dairy and raw vegis, run for the hills.

5. Varts (Vaginal Farts) Scary, or an indication of a good time being had by all?

I have no idea what you are talking about- sticking my head back in the sand now...

Bonus (as in optional): When you do fart with someone in your bed, do you cover their head with the sheet and hold them under?

No, but I don't tell Zack that I did either, let him figure it out. :)

PS. My favorite ASL signs are poop and fart! LOL

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