Sunday, June 29, 2008

Clothes, Carseats and Strollers. Oh My!!!

So I have been trying to figure out what I need for this, my second child. I don't need all the stuff I had to get with Grayson (Thank Gawd!) but still there are things to get.

I am hopeful that I am carrying a girl so that I can buy all the cute girly clothes cause we all know I have a "minor" Gymboree addiction. Only 6-7 more weeks until I get the Ultra Sound to tell me that its a girl. Fingers, toes, eyes all crossed!

Then there is the car seat. We currently have a "bucket" baby seat but Grayson was so tall that
he outgrew it at about 4 months. At that point he had to go into a convertible car seat which can go from backwards to forwards. Luckily we had a freebie from my previous employer of a lovely ($$) Britax Marathon. But for this baby I have decided to sell our current bucket that only goes to 29" and 22 lbs in favor of one that goes to a more accommodating 32" and 30 lbs. (Grayson is 33" and 23 lbs now at 17 months so it would last much longer!) The Graco Safe seat is only $100 compared to the Britax that we would be buying at 4 months which is $250 (yikes but they are very safe and go to 65 lbs so worth it in the long run) Isn't it amazing that we all lived through our childhoods with out $100-250 car seats or car seats at all for that matter?! I believe I rode home from the hospital on my moms lap! Now you can't leave the maternity floor without your bucket in hand, which is obnoxious if you are not using a bucket but a convertible.

As for the stroller, of coarse I have a single stroller. But now that I will have a second child it would probably be convenient to have a double so that I can haul all my monkeys and their gear... I can't pack lightly as my family and husband will a test. I have never been every good at parring down. :) So I have been looking online at all the amazing options for strollers out there. It is amazing to me that people will pay $800 for a stroller! Like this Bugaboo chameleon.

I knew I wanted something with options, which is why people like the above Bugaboo, the seats change out and around so as the child grows and develops you can turn then to face away from you as they are ready. I know this first hand. I started a baby boot camp class when Grayson was 3 months old and in the jogger I had he would SCREAM the entire time because he could not see me. So I went online and found a stroller that was less expensive than the above but about as cool. (much heavier though I found out) I ended up getting a used one on CL for $75 instead of $350. It was a Zooper Buddy. I love that stroller. The seat can face you or with a few handy clicks, turn to face away. It was great and boot camp was much more pleasant for both of us. So my search for the perfect double continued. Fast forward to the other day at the zoo. (below) and right as we were leaving I saw this stroller in a line:

The Kolcraft Contour Tandem. Both seats can be removed completely or turned either direction. So the children can face each other when they are older or when the baby is new I can have it face me and G can face out front. Or I can even take out the babies seat and use the under area for groceries and walk to the grocery store with the baby in the front pack and G in the front of the stroller. (since gas is SO expensive!) Cool huh? I am so excited about this stroller, now I just have to sell some stuff to afford it...stupid expensive gas...

Anyway, other than that I have figured out I need a set of bunk beds for G. Rather than another crib I will then have to store. So we will attempt to transition him between when baby B gets here and when it needs to leave my room probably around 3 months old.
- baby bedding if its a girl- I love this stuff from babies r us

- and I would love to get a new Organic mattress for the crib but it may not be in the budget. sigh.

If anyone has some good lotto numbers to play let me know! LOL

Oh, any friends/ family with multiple children please let me know if there is something else handy that I can't live without! :P


Heather said...

Ok I am going to chime in here since we have wasted much money on figureing things out the hard way. The car seat the one you have pictured is or was (we still need to sell it) ours and we LOVED it, it fit our youngest son till we got him a bigger one but it was great!!! The stroller... you know we have had 3 different double stollers and the only one that I would recommend would be the sit and stand, it's light and it fits the car seat and the biggest is it turns nice. They all turn great in the store but load them up with babies and gear and you will hurt yourself turning them. So we used the sit and stand and now we use those cheap unbrella strollers and have the other kids walk. Bunk beds are a good idea. So that's all the biggest thing that we wasted money on was the stroller, pick a good one and make sure your happy with it. My book is done!!

Jaimey said...

I have looked at the Sit and stand but since G is still so little I don't want him to have the option of getting out by himself. You can't really keep them in a SAS, can you?

Do you want to sell me your car seat? LOL (Shipping would probably be CRAZY)