Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Let me just preface this post by saying the injuries inflicted on this child were in no way caused or inflicted by his parents! Disclaimer finished I would like to introduce you to Lumpy, Grayson's pet bump. Grayson was playing outside and wanted to ride his plasma car- see previous posts- so I let him, sans helmet...doh! He has started to be able to push himself around on it so I was walking behind him as he went down the sidewalk. We got to the corner, 2 houses down and turned around. We were to the edge of our neighbors driveway when it happened. Out of "no where" the wheels flew out from under him and Grayson landed on his face in the driveway. Now I am not a worrier of kid bumps in general, I have been a nanny long enough to know that kids bounce, but I knew this one was gonna be bad. Not scream for hours and bleed profusely bad but the quiet is broken by a deafening silence like the calm before a storm, the eye of a hurricane and then they take a deep breath and with ALL their might they let out a wail that only small mammals can hear... bad. I scooped him up immediately, I couldn't prevent it unfortunately even though I was an arms length away, all I could do was watch the horror unfold. I scooped up my writhing babe who tried to climb me apparently to get to a place where the pain would no longer be with him and held him as tight as I could and tried to assess the damage while he screamed and writhed in pain. I noted no blood so that was a "good" sign, checked for missing teeth etc then surveyed the head bonk that was growing before my eyes.

Lumpy as we fondly refer to him is a good strong bump who knows no limits for which to stop. These photos were taken a few hours after it had happened and the swelling was starting to go down already. He refused to let me ice it and I figured sitting on him would only make it more tramatic so it went uniced. Lumpy stood about an inch off Grayson's head at his peak and turned lovely shades of black blue and purple. As of this writing Lumpy is more like a Bruisy with a mild lumpy :) and is lovely shades of green. (Our FIRST black eye- GREAT!)

As I said I am not a worrier but I must admit I grabbed the good old Kaiser handbook to see the signs of concussion and when to call in...and when he slept a little too long on his nap I checked on him to make sure was still breathing. Poor kid. Later that night he was trying to hand me some books to read before bed and he slipped and fell into the corner of his dresser, getting Lumpy's brother Bumpy on the back of his head. Luckily Bumpy didn't bruise or stay long, just a short evening visit! (accident prone like his dad or just clumsy like his mom...only time will tell)
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mel said...

Ooohh.....poor sweetie!

(Nice to meet you, Lumpy!)

Talisman said...

Poor thing. That looks really painful. Is it any better today? I bet it's going to be fun colors in a few days.

Lacey said...

OUCH! Now he's a 'real' boy, eh?

Heather said...

How sad!!! We have taken pictures of all of our kids first boo boo's too!! It happens but that one looks like a nice new friend. Hopefully the friend leaves soon!!