Thursday, June 26, 2008

Zoo Fun!

One of our favorite things to do lately is go to the zoo. Grayson loves to see the animals and it helps to have him see them and learn the sign. We have been 3-4 times in the last month and he loves to learn the signs for all the new animals he sees. This trip (yesterday) we saw the elephants, tigars, zebras, giraffes, bear and gazelle and he now knows the sign for all but gazelle, only because I don't know that one to teach him- I think its the one for deer but I can't remember that one either.

We went with our friend Diana and her son Jeremiah who is almost 9 months old and her nephew John who is 4 months old. We had a great time a really wore the boys out! (not sure who was more tired, me or them!)

We loved watching the animals do funny things. This Gazelle (I think thats what its called) REALLY wanted to eat these leaves. I knew they did this because I had seen it on the discovery channel but I had never seen it in person.

And this goofy bear, he looks dead but we were told that
it was sleeping, I am still a little concerned.

(This is Jeremiah----------------------------------->)


Lindsey Bunjes said...

That sounds like fun! How are you feeling?

Heather said...

looks like you guys had a ton of fun!!