Friday, April 4, 2008

Sewing Fool

I feel like I have not left my sewing machine in a week. Oh wait- I haven't! I talked to a gal on Sunday about my diapers that is opening a baby boutique in Hillsboro. She loves them and wants them in the shop! Yay me! She also wants to take them to a mommy and baby bazaar this weekend. I had three made. So above it what I whipped up this week. Since Monday night actually. (17 in total now!)

Have I slept you ask- well no. Not before 2 am this week.

And have I been with my child- well a little. :) Some friends helped out and took him a few hours this week. THANK YOU SO MUCH, Diana, Jamie and Libby! I owe you guys.

Gotta get back to it, my deadline is fast approaching! I really need to add it up and see how many hours I have worked this week. I might need to ask my slave driver of a boss for a break. ;)

Oh well you know what I always say- I'll sleep when I am dead!

forgot to add the link to her shop:
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Lindsey Bunjes said...

did you make the diapers them selves or just the designs?

Jaimey said...

Yes, I make them from start to finish. I have a stack of fabric and magically it becomes diapers. :) ( I wish a cute little leprechaun would come do it while I slept but no such luck yet. :)

Janet said...

Just so cute!! I am just amazed and so proud of the beautiful young woman you have become. Aren't Grayson and Zach lucky to have you!!