Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thankful Thursday!

Hey! Guess what?! I JUST remembered that thing I used to do, Thankful Thursday, remember? I can't really remember the last time I did it... pre Jax maybe? Ah, here it is. I guess my little brain just couldn't hold onto Thankful Thursday's when Jax was about to come. And after, forget-about-it.

Well, my brain is clearing and I have a new-to-me Lappy. (Thank YOU!) Life is good!

Today I am Thankful for:
1. Zack having a job. If you have read this little blog a while you understand.

2. New-to-me Lappy. Dino is unhappy and old and groany. This makes life easier. Again, THANK YOU!

3. That Jax is adjusting to his cast and can now crawl (army) and get back up when he falls over and even pull himself up on the ottoman. The pediatrician says he is fine to do whatever he is able while he is casted.

4. Our new pediatrician. We were forced into "looking" for a new ped when our beloved ped retired. One of the boys needed to see someone for something and I said we would just see whoever was available, we met Dr. V and LOVE her. She is through and kind and friendly. Oh and she likes the kids too. :) She called us personally today, TWICE to answer questions I had about J's cast/break.

5. Having my mom here. I never thought I would say it. She came over today to help me out and play with the boys so I could get some cleaning done. Jax has been quite the cling on since his break. She tidied up while she and Grayson played and Jax took an extra long nap. It was great not to have a trashed house for a few minutes.

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The Wolfe Family said...

Those are all excellent!!