Monday, June 21, 2010

I haven't died

The Thursday before last as I was getting ready to head out camping on Saturday my mom called. She announced she would be at my house on Sunday, taking the train up that morning from central Oregon. Um, ok, but I won't be home until Monday from camping I stammered, my brain going a thousand miles a minute with the plans I was now going to have to ditch and things that would sit undone as her plan was to try and find a place to live in our area.

She doesn't have a car. Or a license.

I don't want to come across like a jerk, but I like some notice. And maybe to be asked. Even if it's a courtesy more than a question.

Anyway, my blog was on the list of things to do that has been ditched. I planned to do it when we got back from camping. Then mom got here and it was "tomorrow". And yes it was weeks before that since I posted. It's amazing how quickly life passes by before you have a chance to scream WAIT FOR ME! Which of course it doesn't.

So anyway, my days have been spent running my Mom around looking at rentals hoping something sticks, and quickly.

Speaking of visitors, Erin, my friend since junior high! emailed on Sun saying she and her family was driving through on their way to Seattle, and could they stay the night with us, on the 15th.... um, crap what day is it?! It was the 14th. LOL So we rearranged some things (mainly my mom- sent her to my brother's house.) and had our friends over. The next day I showed them a bit of Portland, taking them to eat lunch on 23rd at Rose's deli and bakery.
Jax eating his first pickle!

They have the best food. You may remember me talking about our first time there a few months ago. They we drove around the West Hills a bit seeing the sights and huge lovely homes.

News of late: We heard back from the mortgage company two weeks ago. Finally.
Sadly, I have to report it wasn't good news. First they called to say the process had been changed and instead of whoever answered taking our call we now have one person we always deal with. YAY. The down side is we now have to start the ENTIRE process OVER. grrr
But our loan agent says that since we were approved the first time we shouldn't have any problem again (we weren't). We were again approved for the TRIAL. So in theory 3 months from now our home should be safe. She also says that as soon as our 3 months are over she will get the final papers to us ASAP. Hopefully she sticks to her word and it all works out.

Please continue to cross your fingers, wish on stars, pray or whatever it is that floats your boat. We really appreciate it.

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